The Archived – Victoria Schwab (English)

the archivedDetails :

Author: Victoria Schwab

Series: The Archived Series

Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Published by: Hyperion

Dated from: January 2013

(Version française disponible ici)


In the world of the Archived, a part of the deads’ soul survive the death and becomes what is called a History. These Histories are kept in an eternal sleep from which they should never awake. If they do, the Keepers go into action.They search for the Histories into the Narrows (a dark corridor that makes the link bewteen the two worlds) and return them to the Archived. If the Keepers fail and let Histories run free in our world that is when the Crews take over. Indeed, Histories feel as a real as an actual body and there is no telling what the reaction of a man from the 20’s (for instance) would be if he suddenly found himself in the 21th century.

Mackenzie Bishop is the main character of the story. After her grand father Da died she took his place at the Archived and became a Keeper at only 12. Many doubted her because of her young age and Mac had to prove them wrong. After the passing of her little brother, Mac and her parents decided to move. This meant that Mac had a new quarter of the Narrows to watch. It is in this new surrounding that Mac met two boys, both quite mysterious. From this moment on, Mac is thrown into a great adventure which will change her forever.Review:

The Archived series is by far one of my favorite ones. However, when I first started reading it, I had a hard time getting into it. It is only after a few pages, when we found out about the paranormal aspect of the book, that I started enjoying it. Really enjoying it. After all, the reason why I bought the book in the first place was that I had to know what the Archived and the Histories were. I just needed to know more.

First of all, it is very easy to identify with Mac. She is brave, caring and flawed. When something happens to her we fear for her. When she is faced with a trial we want to help her. And when she meets a cute guy we’d like her to stop pushing him away. Wes and Owen are also very well constructed characters. They’re very different and clearly opposed but we cannot help but to love them both. I won’t say more not to spoil the story for you.

But no matter how much I liked the characters I still loved the world even more. The Archived is both a beautiful and complex place which is probably why the plot is so fascinating. The best part of the book is that I did not see the end coming, which does not happen often.

Finally, I cannot end this review without talking about the beautiful writing. Victoria Schwab has a way to captivate the reader’s attention and to keep it until the very last line. My only disappointment with this book is that it still has not been translated into French, even though Victoria Schwab’s books are the best things I’ve even read.

the unboundPS: The sequel to the Archived, The Unbound, is even better. Reading about the life of Mackenzie as she recovers from the events of the first book was one of my favorite reads ever. Moreover, Victoria Schwab said she was writing/would write (I can’t remember) the end of the series and that is THE BEST NEWS EVER!

My Rating : 5/5 (duh)

  • writing: 5/5
  • characters: 5/5
  • world/plot: 5/5
  • how I liked it: 5/5


“A death is traumatic. Vivid enough to mark any surface, to burn in like light on photo paper.”

“But if you weren’t a Keeper…if you lost someone and you thought they were gone forever, and then you learned you could get them back, you’d be there with the rest of them, clawing at the walls to get through.”

Isn’t it strange? It’s like after they die, you’re only allowed to remember the good. But no one’s all good.”


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